The Culloden Tartan

The Culloden Tartan adopted by The 1st Highland Brigade L.F. Vols in remembrance of those clans who fell at the Battle of
Culloden on Culloden Moor 1745.

It comes from a fragment of cloth found after the battle and believed to be from a Highland coat worn by a member of the
Prince's personal suite.

No clan or family name attaches to it.

Highly complex tartans were in vogue at the time of the final crash of Jacobite hopes, and here we have one which shows the Highland love of exuberant colour.

No pure colour can appear beside another, but only beside a broken colour.

Standing near the graves of the clans who fought on Culloden Moor one can only feel a great sadness for those brave poor souls. The Highland Charge did not win the day

We, The Highland Brigade. attach ourselves to that fragment of 1745 cloth and claim it for our set, in remembrance.

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1st Highland Brigade, Legion of Frontiersmen Volunteers (Yeomanry)